Mr. Brian Hay - Vice - Principal

Hello My Name Is...

Brian Hay

Our first month of school has flown by!! So much going on a month seemed like only a week.Thanks to each & every parent who showed up in support of the Terry Fox Run. What an amazing show of parents for such an important event in our community, country and world.

October brings with it a very cold, bitter first week and then.....Snow. A quick & cold reminder of what we have to face for roughly the next 6 months!!! Yikes, that is waaaay too long of a time period for ol' Man Winter to pay us a visit. Be sure to send your little ones with the proper winter gear & CJS will do its best to provide gloves & toques if anyone is in need for a day or so as we all adjust to the winter season.

This month has many special days including presenters, P.D. days (no school for students) & Halloween, just to name a few. October 31st will be a day of learning and fun at CJS. Have a safe treating experience (to all those who celebrate this day) and use caution as you walk/drive around in costumes.

I want to send out a thank you to all parents who have volunteered  in our school so far this year. Your support is badly needed and greatly appreciated by the students, the staff and by Mrs. Ord-Boisvert & myself - thanks again!