Mrs. Dudley's Kindergarten Leaders

Mrs. Serena Dudley
Room 111 in Synergizing Circle

   I have been lucky to teach at C. J. Schurter since 2006. Before coming to CJS, I taught in Northern London, UK for 2 years. This is my 4th year of teaching Kindergarten at CJS and I have also taught Grade 1, 2 and 3. I have lived in Slave Lake most of my life. My husband, two children (who are 4 and 6), and I love to go camping, fishing and quading.


What's Happening in January?

Theme - Winter, Beach and Ocean

Personal and Social Responsibility
- continue to work on following classroom routines and behaviour expectations and
 exploring more of Leader in Me with a focus on Habit #4 Think Win - Win. We will keep focusing and moving through our day with being successful with our mission statement.

Our Classroom Mission Statement: We love school because we want to learn, get better at things, play and make new friends.

Early Literacy
- continue name printing practice, Jolly Phonics program to learn letters (Oct: Ss, Pp, Cc, Hh, Jj; and Nov: Aa, Tt. Nn, Rr, Ii, Mm, Bb; Dec: Ll, Gg, Ee, Dd; Jan: Yy, Kk, Ww, Ff, Oo, Uu, Vv, Xx. We have started to review letters we have learned with a focus on beginning, middle and ending sounds in words), practicing rhyming words, learn about syllables in words and stretching out words into sounds, listening attentively to stories, and participate in class discussions

Early Numeracy

- We will begin to focus on numbers 1-5, understanding the numerals and representing them in different ways.
- We continue to talk about 3D shapes in the environment, folding, sorting, describing and tracing shapes.

- During calendar, we are dressing for the weather, understanding weekdays and weekends, practicing ABC patterns, counting backwards and forwards to 10, and reviewing sorting concepts. 

Physical Skills and Well Being in the classroom
- We start the Handwriting without Tears printing/drawing program. 
- encouraging and strengthening pincer hand grasp (using large tweezers, placing marbles on tees, placing buttons/gems in a line formation), and scissor use
- identifying healthy choices for morning snack.
-Mrs. Adams and Mr. Pickering are teaching us new activities and helping with our gross motor skills everyday during our gym period.

Creative Expression
- We are practicing many Music concepts with Mrs. Montgomery. The children loved going to music very much and will miss her.
 - We have dramatic play within our Winter and Beach/Ocean themed items.
- Art is accomplished through letter, winter and beach/ocean themed crafts. 

Environment and Community Awareness
- participating in a variety of centers to explore properties of materials (such as sand, water, playdough, building items, etc.) and using a them safely and properly. We will even attempt to build igloos out of blocks. 

Citizenship and Identity
- We will enjoy Star of the Week presentations from P.J., Audra, Marcus T. and Alexius.