Mrs. Dudley's Kindergarten Leaders

Mrs. Serena Dudley
Room 111 in Synergizing Circle

Please note: There is no Open House on August 27!
Only on September 6 at the time identified in your letter. I am deeply sorry for misinformation.


   I have been lucky to teach at C. J. Schurter since 2006. Before coming to CJS, I taught in Northern London, UK for 2 years. This is my 4th year of teaching Kindergarten at CJS and I have also taught Grade 1, 2 and 3. I have lived in Slave Lake most of my life. My husband, two children (who are 4 and 6), and I love to go camping, fishing and quading.


Welcome My New Kindergarteners

I am so happy I get to meet you soon!
Please let me know by pressing the 'Contact Me' (to the left and slightly above) if you have any questions about beginning kindergarten. I am happy to help you!

See you at your Open House time on September 6th!

What's Happening in September?

- First Days of Kindergarten and Fall

Personal and Social Responsibility
- learning to follow classroom routines and understand behaviour expectations (sharing, turn taking, co-operation, dressing ourselves and putting things away),
- beginning to explore Leader in Me with a focus on Habit #1 Be Proactive

Early Literacy
- printing our names independently, participating in action songs, reciting nursery rhymes, participating in class discussions, listening attentively to stories

Early Numeracy
- exploring AB patterns, beginning to count to 10 and reading numbers

Physical Skills and Well Being
- fine motor skills: proper pencil grasp and tracing lines, proper scissor holding and cutting, and colouring inside the lines.
identifying healthy choices for first snack.

Creative Expression
- singing, dramatic play, arts and crafts

Environment and Community Awareness
- participating in a variety of centres to explore properties of materials and using a them safely and properly.

Citizenship and Identity
- working and playing with others to create a safe and caring environment, appreciating the feelings and ideas of others