Healthy Food Guidelines

HPSD Admin Procedure #241
Healthy School Communities

In an effort to promote healthy lifestyles and choices, significant changes have been made regarding the kinds of food items that can be offered to students during the school day.  Please note that all food and beverages supplied/sold/provided to students by the school must come from the “Choose Most Often” or “Choose Sometimes” categories outlined in the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth.    

Student Lunches Brought from Home – This policy does not apply to food items that a child brings from home for individual lunches/snacks.  Provided that the child is not sharing these items with others there are no restrictions regarding the types of food items in a child’s lunch.

Birthday Treats/Snack for the classroom - Cakes/cupcakes/doughnuts/ice cream, etc. can no longer be served to students.  Please do not send treats to school during the school year. If classroom snacks/treats arrive at the school that do not fit the “Choose Most Often” or “Choose Sometimes” categories, please be aware that they cannot be served to students and will be sent home with the parent/child.

Classroom Celebrations/Events – Only food from the “Choose Most Often” or “Choose Sometimes” categories can be served to students during these activities. Students may be asked to supply their own special ‘party’ food.  They will not be permitted to share this food with others in the classroom.

Goodie Bags for Classmates on special days such as Halloween, Valentines, Easter– No food items can be included in these types of treat bags.  Please note that if any sweets, candies, chocolates, etc. are included in the bags they cannot be distributed to classmates.

Parent Eat Lunch Events – Parents must supply all food for their child to eat during these special lunches.  There are no restrictions regarding what a parent packs, brings or purchases for their child to eat during an “Eat lunch with your child” event.

School Snack Program – Apples are available to all students during the school day.

Club Moo Milk/Hot Lunch Program – School Council organizes these programs during the school year.  Watch for notes and order forms.

Water Bottles - Students are only permitted to drink water during class time.

Food items shall not be used as ‘rewards’ for students.

If you have any questions regarding this nutrition policy, please contact your child’s teacher for more information.  Thank you for assisting us as we promote healthy lifestyles and choices.


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