Mr. Brian Hay - Vice - Principal

Hello My Name Is...

Brian Hay!
I am the Vice-Principal
at C.J. Schurter

I welcome everyone to a new year! I hope 2018 is your healthiest & best year ever!!!

We were blessed with great community support for ALL of our school events! Thank you all for this - we appreciate you!!!

January has cursed with a cold start causing buses to be cancelled!! Hopefully, the rest of our winter will be much more friendly than the first 12 days of 2018.

Thanks to all families for supporting our December Concerts. The adults and children worked very hard on their performances. I am convinced you left the hall that day with very enjoyable experiences plus a mind full of awesome memories of each and every concert you attended.

There is an assembly at 9:00 on Tuesday, Jan. 30th. Hope to see you there. There is a P.D. day on Jan. 31st. Enjoy your mid-week day off boys and girls!

I apologize, once again, to all of our Stakeholders on behalf of our contractors in regard to our paving of our east parking lot. We appreciate you for being so  patient and flexible. Paving is now completed with lines being painted in the spring!!! Winter got in the way of this phase of completion. It is all angel parking now in the CJS parking lot. It is also ONE-WAY traffic only with flow going south to north (from 6 avenue toward Caribou Trail).

A reminder that students have February 7-9th off next month as their Teachers attend Convention in Edmonton!!