Mrs. Donald's Kindergarten Class

Room 166 Win Win Way

Mrs. Kelly Donald

I have been teaching at CJS for 24 years!
  Most of my time has been spent in grade one and two.  This is my fourth year teaching Kindergarten.  I have lived most of my life in the Slave Lake area.  I am a mother of one son and 2 daughters.  My family lives in Widewater where I spend my time gardening in the summer, cross country skiing and sitting in front of the fireplace in the winter.  

Preparing your child for Kindergarten


I want Kindergarten to be a pleasant experience for both you and your child. Usually the transition into Kindergarten is an easy one for most children, however some have anxious moments. Here are a few suggestions that can help you make your child’s Kindergarten experience go smoothly. Kindergarten will be less stressful if your child can:

  1. Dress and undress themselves independently! This includes jackets, mittens, ski pants, winter boots etc. Please have your child practice ALL clothing items at home so they are self-sufficient at school. Please send your child in footwear (including boots!) that they can put on all by themselves! Thank you!

  1. Put on and take off their own shoes. Velcro is best. If you have already bought lace-up shoes, please take them home and teach your child how to lace them up properly and independently if they don’t already know how. Thank you!  

  1. Take care of their own belongings so they will know how to be responsible for their backpack, lunchkit and mailbox items. Please practice the following at home with your child so they can be more independent at snack and lunchtimes:

-opening/closing tupperware containers

-peeling lids, twisting the cap on fruit pouches

-opening and inserting juicebox straws

  1. Be fully self-sufficient in the bathroom. (The exception would be medical issues, which would be helpful for me to be aware of ahead of time).

I am looking forward to a fun and happy Kindergarten year with your child!