Mrs. Dudley's Kindergarten Class

Mrs. Serena Dudley
Room 111 in the Circle

 Serena  I have been lucky to teach at C. J. Schurter since 2006. Before coming to CJS, I taught in Northern London, UK for 2 years. This is my 6th year of teaching Kindergarten at CJS and I have also taught Grade 1, 2 and 3. I have lived in Slave Lake most of my life. My husband, two children (who are 8 and 10), and I love to go camping, fishing and quading.


Welcome New Kindergarteners

We start the year off with Staggered Start so all this week your child comes every second day.
September 7th we are all together!
Drop off is at 8:25 am. Pickup is at 3:15pm.

Welcome New Kindergartner's

Mrs. Dudley’s Supply List Tips

1.   A pair of non-marking indoor runners -Please write their name somewhere on their shoes. If your child can’t tie laces, please choose velcro so they can put their shoes on independently. I cannot stress enough that your child must be able to put on and take off their shoes all by themselves. Thank You!

2.  Lunch kit

3.  Backpack -Please choose one that is big enough for a lunch kit, Library book, ski-pants in the winter etc and all things going back and forth from school and home.

4.  Markers -Please make sure 1 pencil case you choose fits all of your markers. Put your child’s initials on each marker and crayon. They get dropped, forgotten about, and lost easily. These will be saved for your child to use in January.

5.  1 pkg of 24 crayons  -Please make sure the other pencil case you choose fits your crayons.

6.  Scissors -Please write your child’s name on the blades

7.  Water Bottle- Please make sure that the spout is dependable. If it isn't, your child can fill it at school. Much dryer backpacks that way.

8.  I would love a few SMALL freezer bags instead of large bags -I am often putting left-over food or I organize hands-on activities with them. Thanks.

9. If the large glue sticks are hard to find, please send 10-15 small glue sticks. They are much easier for little hands to use at the beginning of the year.

10. Dry Erase Markers - Please name

11. OPTIONAL SUPPLIES-  These are not mandatory supplies, but with Kindergarten being such a hands-on experience, and for the care and comfort of the Kindergarten students I would be ever so grateful for donations of:

-Box of Kleenex    or -Packages of Baby Wipes    or -110lb white paper (cardstock)

If you are willing and able to donate something, that would be very much appreciated! 

Just an FYI… we will NOT have plastic spoons or forks available for your child to use at school. You are responsible for sending all the eating utensils that your child needs for their snacks and lunch.  Although, you could send a box for their locker. Thank you!



What's Happening in September?

- First Days of Kindergarten, Recognizing Names, 5 Senses, and Fall

Personal and Social Responsibility
- learning to follow classroom routines and understand behaviour expectations (sharing, turn taking, co-operation, dressing ourselves and putting things away),
-Reading stories and talking about how to be a 'Bucket Filler'.

Early Literacy
- recognizing and putting the letters in our name in order (using a capital for the first letter followed by lowercase letters), participating in action songs, participating in class discussions, listening attentively to stories

Early Numeracy
- learning our calendar routine 
- exploring AB patterns. 

Physical Skills and Well Being
- fine motor skills: proper pencil grasp and tracing lines, proper scissor holding and cutting, and colouring inside the lines.
identifying healthy choices for first snack.
*Don't forget to pack a spoon or fork in your child's lunch!
You may also send a plastic utensil supply for your child.

They will be having gym for a 1/2 hour with Mr. Fines every third day.
-learning gym routines and rules so they stay safe.

Creative Expression
- singing, dramatic play, arts and crafts

Environment and Community Awareness
- participating in a variety of centres to explore properties of materials and using a them safely and properly.

Citizenship and Identity
- working and playing with others to create a safe and caring environment, appreciating the feelings and ideas of others.

- learning the rules for using the Smartboard and Document Camera.

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